Digital Roadmaps


At Bath & Body Works, the leaders in the store are called the Sales Leadership Team, and are some of the highest performers. Delivering their onboarding content in an easy-to-follow and digestable way is critical in order to set them up for success. In 2018, our team took the entire SLT Onboarding program from a big paper binder to a fully digital experience, all grounded in this roadmap. I project-managed the creation of our online roadmap: I facilitated the brainstorming process, the design of the tool and the functionality. Check it out below! 

In the video to the left, you can see the online roadmap in action. I recorded a little video of myself clicking around, as well as opening one of the 38 modules accessible from the roadmap.


Within the module, you'll see some different graphic layouts I assisted in designing, as well as some development of eLearning content. 


Getting our associates ready for the holiday season is one of the top priorities for our team every year. We begin planning for our Christmas teams' training in May, and launch our annual Seasonal Onboarding program in August every year. For the last 2 years, I've owned the planning of this program from the design and development of the roadmap to helping write and design some of the modules within the program. Creating this program is always a team effort, and I've loved getting to develop new and innovative learning tools to help our associates be successful during our busiest and most critical time of year. This roadmap allows them to onboard alone or in groups, and click to open each module directly from 1 spot. The check marks turn grey as the modules have been completed, making onboarding easy! 

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