coaching elearning

This module was created as part of our Sales Leadership Team Onboarding program (SLT are the managers in the stores). For this eLearning, we provided education around how to have coaching conversations and help associates progress in their roles. The video to the right displays me clicking through the module so you can see some of the eLearning techniques as well as designs. In this module, I employed some fun drag and drops interactions, videos, listening clips (not available in this video), click-to-reveals, pop-ups and more! 

Dress code activity

To ensure associates know our dress code, I created a hot spot activity where learners were instructed to click on incorrect areas of the dress code, based on prior learnings within the module. After they clicked submit, they saw the second screenshot, with each incorrect piece being highlighted one-by-one on the screen. They were then shown photos of the correct dress code to re-enforce learning!


macola software implementation intro module

While I was at Exact Macola Software, I created a series of courses around the implementation of the Enterprise Resource Planning software we were known for. This training was meant for all internal employees as well as members of our re-sale partner network. The learners of this program took this intro course, along with 8 others, teaching them about how to complete a basic software implementation. This eLearning was highly technical and through developing this, I refined my infographic design skills as well as my ability to collaborate with SMEs on technical content. 

Inventory management lifecycle graphic

To teach the inventory management lifecycle of Bath and Body Works stores, I developed this graphic. The inside circle, comprising of the 3 pieces of the IM lifecycle, is then surrounded by the pieces of the business this lifecycle impacts. We got a ton of great feedback on how the visual representation of this concept really helped solidify the ripple effect that good inventory management has!


Click through the slider to the right to see how the IM lifecycle impacts BBW's business.


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